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360° VW conversion tour.

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VW conversion 360 tour
Green Down ArrowTake a look inside Ecowagon VW conversions.

We thought you might like to look inside our vans. Featured below are three virtual tours of our VW Transporter conversions, Expo Plus, Expo and Day Van. They are fully interactive and enable you to view our T6 vans before visiting Ecowagon.

From our workshop near Redruth in Cornwall we expertly convert your existing van. Don’t have a van yet and looking for one? Ecowagon can source a pre-reg, new or used van for you.

It’s worth noting that we constantly innovate and update our designs and improve the spec. Some of the features in these virtual van tours may have been superseded.

Just click on the van interior or the 360° logo to view the virtual tour.

360 Degree VW Conversion Tour
Chat with Kenny, Jo or Jay about your VW T6 or T6.1 conversion…

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