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Ecowagon VW Conversion Ambassador

Ecowagon Ambassadors

Ecowagon VW Conversion AmbassadorsWe’ve come to understand that Ecowagon clients are looking for that bit extra in their VW Transporter campervan conversion. We asked them why. What’s the difference between our conversions and others?

The responses vary but on the whole it’s about quality, flexibility, customer service and our 3 year warranty on our parts and workmanship.

We call these clients Ambassadors. These are the clients who champion us.

They will even show their van off to you and talk to you about how their conversions work in the real world. Just view the map below, see where they are and book a viewing or a chat with one of our ambassadors. It will be our Ambassadors’ words and thoughts, not ours.

Why do they agree to do this? Simple, they love their van and it’s changed their lives. No kickbacks from us and no commission.

Alex Greig – one of our first Ecowagon Ambassadors.
Green Down ArrowThis is where the Ecowagon Ambassadors are located

Ambassador locations are approximate to protect their privacy. Please use the simple tools to navigate the map. Click on the icons to view the type of Ecowagon VW conversion. Click on the van pictures to zoom.

Our hours of business:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12pm
Sunday: closed (we’re off surfing)

If Kenny is unavailable then one of our team will take a message. Out of business hours please leave a message. We’ll call you back the next day (but not on Sunday). You might speak to Jo our manager and mother superior or Kenny the boss.

Bookings are placed through Ecowagon to respect the privacy of our clients.