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Review A few months ago we bought a typical traders panel van. A grubby workhorse that had been heavily used and often abused, as the numerous dints and poorly repaired dents testified. We wanted the van converted into a camper but we hadn’t the faintest idea how to go about it and so a period of research started that took in campervan shows, where we looked at so many different internal lay-out options, spoke to van owners and visited trader’s stands. We bought VW camper magazines, scoured the internet, joined the T4/T5 forum and sought word of mouth recommendations. After two months we had narrowed possible van converters down to five in an area that covered Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. We finally decided on Kenny Green’s ‘Ecowagon’ because it was obvious to us that he would handle every tiny aspect of the conversion. We made a number of trips up to his workplace and spent quite some time discussing the various aspects of the interior, selecting appliances, materials and colour schemes.

It was clear to us that Kenny had, not only considerable experience, but also an artistic eye for what would look good and what wouldn’t. Once the conversion started our initial plans had to step aside as Kenny so often said, “What do you think about this?” and then suggested something that made perfect sense and had to be incorporated. The retro, two-tone paint job was Kenny’s idea and it has made the van really stand out.

We were lucky enough to be able to let Kenny, John and Jay have a relatively free hand in the work they performed and it was wonderful to call in and see how each stage was progressing and to be presented with a set of wheels that looked perfect then the cooker then the fridge.

We have to say that if the van had been produced exactly how we had envisaged it… well it would have looked very good. Fortunately it was produced, in the main, how we intended but with a good measure of Kenny inspiration too. So now our ‘VW Transtoaster’ looks like an outstandingly beautiful piece of campervan art and we are very proud of it and consider every penny very well spent.
– Steve Taylor

Review The purchase of our EcoWagon marked a dream coming true. If you are lucky enough to own a Volkswagen camper van, then you’ll know what I am talking about. It took my wife and I eight years to finally buy, and it wasn’t just the saving up that stalled us.

If you buy a converted van from any old conversion garage, it’s pretty likely that they’ll see your money first, sooner than care about what you really need. Before buying the van I love from Kenny, I had sat in and test driven countless. Many rattled, were underpowered, scratched, rusted, seats ripped, radios ripped out. And if I was bold enough to comment, invariably they replied, “it’s old mate, what do you expect?” What I always expected, was that if I was going to spend all the money I had in the world, I expected the van at least to be cleaned, and the garage to see more than just my wallet, but to actually care about what it was I needed.

Kenny cares about what you need. Not only does he care, any van you buy from EcoWagon will be immaculately presented. My van is 15 years old, and after the custom paint, it looks like it just rolled off the production line. I’m not interested in heads turning when I drive, I’m interested in enjoying the journey, but heads do turn.

I had test driven a van a week before. In the dash, a builder had scratched a phone number he needed to remember. I asked the seller what could be done. He just suggested I get something to cover the scratch. Apart from anything else, the idea of buying anything from anyone who doesn’t care about what they’ve made, should result in a ban from selling anything ever again.

Our van was fully serviced by VW connections as part of the sale, coupled with any repairs you’d expect need to be made on a 15 year old T4. Kenny wanted to make us feel comfortable and happy throughout. A T4 is a lifestyle choice, breaking down on a motorway is not.

If you are getting your van converted or buying a converted van, and it’s not from EcoWagon, you’re only buying a van. I bought that, and some, and trust. Beat that.”
– Toby

Review Two years ago Kenny supplied us with our T4. Internally it is kitted out in an eye catching Cream & Tan livery. We are continually being asked about it. “Where did we get it?” “Who did the conversion?”

We have since driven round the UK, through France and over the Pyrenees in it. After much deliberation we decided on a couple of mods. So back to Kenny to change the original R&R bed to a Smart Bed. (I don’t have the strength to pull up the original every morning.) We decided upon the addition of a reconditioned Westfalia Pop Top. This is a really important upgrade. It obviously allows us to stand up straight in the van, but more importantly it vastly improves the ventilation when we’re camping in hot weather.

Kenny and his team of professional fitters were always on hand to answer questions and make minor adjustments as our plans became a reality. Thanks to them we will once again be off on our travels.
– Paul & Ingrid

Review Kenny and the guys are friendly, down to earth and very knowledgeable. We bought our van from them a year ago with just basics and insulation.

This year we’ve added a slide window for cooking, curtains, a beautiful r&r bed, matching front seats and new lighting. Tailored to our needs. Really happy with what we’ve got so far. Just called with our budget and ideas and got great help and advice, without pressure.

Now sorted and ready for summer!
– Matt Malone

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