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What lies beneath our conversions?

Ecowagon VW Conversion Workshop
Green Down ArrowEcowagon VW Transporter conversions are more than skin deep.

Most of our competitors wouldn’t want to show you what goes on beneath your VW T6 conversion. We precision craft and construct your van, from start to finish. Everything is masked to protect paintwork and fascias.

Ecowagon consider every stage of the conversion process and we treat your van as if it was our own. After all, it’s an expensive bit of kit and you are trusting us with your pride and joy.

What lies beneath is pipework, wiring, control systems, structural members, utility tanks and a myriad of components that you will never see in the daily use of your van.

Think Swiss watch here. Built with absolute precision, our conversions don’t squeak or groan during use. They are constructed with your investment and satisfaction in mind.

Here’s a small selection of the tools our craftsmen use at Ecowagon. We think this looks rather artistic (if you like that kind of thing).

Here you can see our production director and workshop manager, Jay, carefully installing the rubber trim on a pop-top panel. We do all this in our 6000 sq. feet workshop for VW conversions in Cornwall.

Alex is hand installing components in our bespoke furniture. We QC throughout the whole build process and then inspect again before installation. If we’re not happy then we make it again!

We are renowned for our attention to detail. Every component is QC’d, every installation step is QC’d, we thrive on quality of design and manufacture.


Ecowagon 3 Year WarrantyOur quality speaks for itself and we’re told this time and time again. No edge is left unfinished, no wire is left unclipped, no component is incorrectly installed. We trust our attention to detail is evident in this gallery.

Our conversion components, installation and workmanship are backed by the Ecowagon three year warranty, we’re that confident that we get things right.

What lies beneath our conversions?
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