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Who, What, Where?

Ecowagon VW Conversion Team
The Ecowagon Camper Van Conversion Team

Ecowagon VW Conversions In CornwallEcowagon create incredible T6 and T6.1 camper van conversions in Cornwall. We also sell fully converted, ready to drive away new and pre-owned VW Transporters. Our team is formed from a bunch of highly talented individuals who are genuinely chilled out and easy to deal with. That’s not to say we’re not professional, we have bucket loads of experience with a capital E! We know you will be trusting us to convert your beloved camper van and we take this very seriously.

Choose Ecowagon, convert your lifestyle and live the dream! Get ready for a new adventure.
Green Down ArrowMeet the team at Ecowagon in no particular order (all hands to the pumps)
Loved Biscuits
Misty, C.B.O.

Misty was our Chief Barking Officer. For many years she was in charge of all the chaps and ensured productivity and quality control were at maximum output. She greeted customers and enjoyed barking at courier drivers and the postman. She also liked to keep us all reminded that we need a good stock of dog biscuits. Sadly we lost her to old age in 2020 but her memory lives on. She was a ray of sunshine.

Likes talking

From his opulent Scottish marble office he runs the show. Talk, oh yes, he can! At 16 Kenny began an apprenticeship in panel beating and painting for a busy Vauxhall dealership. Once he gained his City and Guilds qualifications, he moved on to work for Bombardier the train manufacturer. Following this he worked in Banbury, painting Renault Williams touring cars. Occasionally he does some work but not often. Blah, blah, blah (said Kenny with his masking tape halo).

Cuddle Magnet

She’s been appointed Head of Barketing and will be Kenny’s close companion advising him on doggie treats, favourite cats to chase and of course the best spots for a walk and a leg stretch. She’s a Gloucestershire girl sporting a chocolate brown coat and the most beautiful green eyes. We think she’s pawfect and predict that our clients will be spoiling her rotten.

Mother Superior

Likes wine, Irish dancing, baking and living for the day when someone chooses to have a pink themed conversion. Aside from all of this Jo is our manager and looks after our clients, deals with the accounts and does something called admin (which she tells us should involve a significant wage rise, a plush office, a new computer, Chanel N°5 and champagne for everyone).

Celebrity factor

Jay is Kenny’s nephew and the production director / workshop manager / foreman with an expert set of skills. He has also served his 55 year Ecowagon apprenticeship as a technician and fitter. He doesn’t like his picture being taken (possibly something to do with his A-list celebrity status, “no pictures, I said no pictures”)!

Le Style CNC

CNC is his thing. Mouse in hand he operates our CAD system to create the most exquisite interiors for your VW conversion. Alex also works as an expert assembler with Jay and the team. His work ethic is so assiduous it’s rumoured he has to plug into the mains at night for a full recharge. Go on Alex, smile.

High voltage

The bloke who professionally installs the electrics in your van. Arms like a wrestler and the precision of a watchmaker, Rimas is a super-tech and knows VW electricals backwards and forwards. Likes beer, likes drinking beer, likes brewing beer. Motorbikes. Tattoos. Loud (shit) music. Radio technics.

Problem Solved!

Every firm needs an apprentice and Ben is a rather good one. He gets to try everything including Kenny’s brutal whit. He enjoys surfing, working on classic VW’s and owns and drives a classic Beetle (not his fault). For Christmas he’s going to get a year’s supply of elbow grease, a long stand and a metric adjustable spanner.

Why “eco”wagon?

Green Down ArrowAre your conversions economical? Yes, definitely!

We’re often asked, why do you use the word “eco” in your company name and branding?.

At Ecowagon we have simple but effective philisophies: minimise waste, be environmentally friendly, offer best value, keep the specs high and ultimately offer conversions that will reduce carbon emissions (through weight reducing construction and careful use of materials). We don’t claim to be the cheapest but we do expertly fit the most excellent equipment, design stunning conversions and never stop innovating. On balance we do offer a high scale of economy because your conversion is built with the best kit and loving care so it just keeps working.

Ecowagon 3 Year WarrantyOh, and we also look after our customers, always! Let’s hope things always work but if they don’t, we will fix it under our three year warranty. It’s worth noting that our warranty extends to equipment installed by us and the workmanship we provide. The van itself is covered by the balance of your manufacturers warranty or any extended warranty you might purchase.

Ecowagon Ltd.
Bridge Mill Retail Park
New Portreath Rd,
Redruth TR16 4QL

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TR16 4QL

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